Panama Reforestation Investor Visa

Panama reforestation visa

The Panama Reforestation Visa grants permanent residency to foreigners who invest a minimum of USD $100K or US$ 350K in a reforestation project approved and managed by a forestry company regulated by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Panama.

This investment must be maintained for at least 5 years after obtaining permanent residency.
Pardini & Asociados works with reforestation companies approved for this program.
Should the applicant plan to include his dependents (e.g. family) in the application, he must increase the investment by US$2,000 for each dependent.
Highlights of this program:
    • The new regulation came into force as of May 20, 2021.
    • There are different options for the procurement of permanent resident status within this program.
    • Investment of US$ 100K – The applicant and dependents will receive a 2-year residency status and the right to opt for permanent residency, just as other residency programs.
    • Investment of US$ 350K – The applicant and dependents will be granted with the permanent resident status immediately.
    • The investment must be maintained for 5 years, otherwise the permanent resident status will be cancelled.

Citizens from Asia, Middle East and Africa, kindly note that Panama’s Immigration Office may have your country on a List of Restricted Countries subject to Special Requirements. For more information, please click here.

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