City of Knowledge Panama

City of Knowledge

The City of Knowledge, Panama (Ciudad del Saber) was designated a special Business, Scientific and Technological area in 1998.

It is a management platform that focuses on boosting the innovative and competitive capacities of the users who share the Campus. Integration, dynamic networking, and joint efforts facilitate the transference of knowledge.

This allows for an unusual concentration of innovative firms, international organizations focused on development, as well as academic and research institutions, resulting in a lively and successfully collaborative community. In order to strengthen these dynamics, City of Knowledge provides access to a series of benefits and services aimed at the needs of its users.

Benefits for businesses and organizations operating from within the City of Knowledge include:

      • Tax and immigration benefits through affiliation to the City of Knowledge Foundation project.
      • Telecommunications, IT and educational technology services, including an intelligent high-tech center with the required capacity for teleconferences, distance learning, fast internet connections, and other services.
      • A Point of Presence -POP- with direct access to the land portion of 5 International Fiber Optic cables that go across Panama (PAC, SAC, ARCOS, Pan-American and MAYA).
      • Infrastructure and buildings in good maintenance condition, easily adaptable to various uses.
      • Technical, administrative and consulting services. Constant electricity flow (99.9%) with redundant power supply from the Panama Canal thermal plant located 300 m (328 yards) away in the Miraflores locks.
      • Complementary accommodation and catering service.
      • Sports and recreation facilities.
      • Access to the major higher learning and scientific research centers in the country.
      • Access to the Panama Canal Basin, a living laboratory for scientific research and technological innovation on advanced tropical ecosystem management.
      • Centric location: next to the Panama Canal, 15 minutes from downtown Panama City, 5 minutes from Amador resort and 45 minutes from Colón city, located on the Atlantic entrance to the Panama Canal.