Panama´s Infrastructure, a Platform for Business


A Platform for Business

Panama’s infrastructure is a platform for business, as in a rapidly expanding economy, Panama has consistently met the demands  Substantial investments have created a highly sophisticated business environment. A new PPP law allowing public private partnerships will facilitate the development of more infrastructure projects. Thanks to its financial infrastructure, pro-business climate, and growing international trade and investment in new industries, Panama is well positioned to seize economic opportunities.

State-of-the-Art Telecoms

In overcoming its geographical limitations, Panama has built up one of the world’s best telecoms and internet infrastructures with an incredible 5 of the world’s intercontinental submarine fiber optic cables crossing Panama with North, South, East and West.

Growing Industry Cluster

In growing its financial services industry, Panama’s government has the support of a vibrant community of progressive-minded officials and committed business leaders. Today, a growing business cluster is driving productivity, new business and innovation within Panama’s finance industry. There are also many entities offering expert legal and support services to local and international clients.

Network of Worldwide Air and Sea Connections

Located on the main shipping routes, Panama has been a significant port for most of its modern history, with links to other major ports in the US, LatAm, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Panama’s airport labeled the “Hub of the Americas” is connected by air to almost every major city in US, LatAm, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East and Asia. The new Panama Canal is a strategic crossing point for the world.

Affordable Office Space

A wide range of office space can be found across the country, rents are reasonable and finding an office close to popular residential areas and amenities is relatively easy. Office space is available in purpose-built office blocks, as well as in converted houses and apartments, or within brand new mixed-use developments.

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