Regulation and Legislation in Panama

Regulation and Legislation

Robust Regulation in Panama

The country’s legislation is in line with US and EU law and is built on best practices from other finance centers. It caters for the regulation of business, investments, banking, insurance as well as investment service providers. Panamanian legislation is designed to efficiently meet the needs of both the industry and the consumer and is updated continuously to reflect the latest market demands.

Integrity and Low Risk

Panama strictly adheres to US and EU anti-money laundering policies, insider dealing and professional secrecy laws, and its frameworks are aimed at attracting only international businesses of repute. Panama’s adoption of the Dollar since 1904 has added further stability and increased the ease of doing business across frontiers.

The Right Tools

The country’s legal system is rooted in the Continental European Napoleonic code. However, Panama corporate law is firmly based on US models. This allows established businesses to set up shop in the country, while preserving the continuity of company legacy, reputation and its financial track record.

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