Corporate Social Responsibility

corporate social responsability

Within our corporate values ​​is working with professionalism, integrity and commitment to ensure our customers based on transparency, honesty, ethics and responsibility services. We also have a commitment to contribute to the development of disadvantaged sectors of the country, and therefore support through donations to comprehensive education programs.

In this sense, the Business Panama Group has a Corporate Social Responsibility approach based on the following pillars: Social, Economic and Civic Responsibility.

Pillars in our work:

1- Social Responsibility to ensure personal and professional development of the whole team

2- Economic Responsibility to ensure ethical business practices and policies and responsible

3- Civic Responsibility to develop a policy of donations focused on the education of children in our country.

About Our Civic Responsibility

Focused on the search for a better future for Panamanian children, BusinessPanama Group works closely with the Valórate Foundation supporting various educational and family programs, which provide children the opportunity to achieve their full development and improve their processes of attention and learning to avoid failure and dropout.

For every sale of property and legal services, the Business Panama Group will donate $100.00 to the Valórate Foundation to continue carrying out their programs on childhood.