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panama island real estate

The most stunning beaches are to be found on the islands of Panama. The Pearl Islands and Bocas del Toro have been in the spotlight recently as the choice location for a number of “Survivor” television programs from twelve countries. Crystal clear waters, coral reefs, rainforests and coconut palms are back drops for sailing, diving, fishing, or merely soaking up the sun in your own piece of paradise.

At least four major business groups projects stand out for the amount of the investments announced, which together amounts approximately USD 1,900 million and will be implemented in two or three decades by the Nicaraguan consortium Sun Developments Group.

Pearl Islands

From Panama City, a fifteen minute plane ride (Aeroperlas) or a two hour ferry ride to Contadora takes you into the land of pirates and pearls where over 90 islands and 130 islets make up the Archipiélago de las Perlas, named by Vasco Nunez de Balboa in 1513.

There’s currently a master plan to develop Saboga, some of the projects that are currently under development are: Playa Chiquita/Punta Este, Playa Alta, Bahia Onda, Playa El Deseo, Punta Brava, Playa Larga Estates, Playa Larga Club, Punta Oeste, Playa El Corral, Playa Negra, Playa Blanca, Playa Marcelina, Santiago, Playa Eugenia, Commercial Village, Saboga Marina, Central North, Central Information, Central South, Saboga Bay and Punta Saboga.

Also, in the Pedro Gonzalez Island can be found real estate projects such as the Pearl Island Ritz Carlton at Playa Don Bernardo, an 80 bedroom hotel, with restaurants, conference rooms, spa, pool and other facilities.

We have properties and ocean front houses for sale in Contadora, Punta Cocos, Pedro Gonzalez and others with resorts and beautiful projects. Since BusinessPanama Real Estate is one of the exclusive agents of these projects, please contact our Panama City office.

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Contadora is a resort island, with many homes owned by wealthy Panamanians and foreigners. There is a large hotel and other cabins available.

It’s the largest and most visited of the Pearl Islands, named as the counting house for the pearls. There are 13 spectacular beaches on three sides of the island. The five coral fields around the island offer incredible snorkeling where fascinating marine life includes white tipped reef sharks, schools of tropical fish, rays and turtles in profusion and, not to mention that Contadora has the only officially designated nudist beach in Panama.

Ocean front properties, lots and private islands are available for sale, with beautiful beach houses. The islands in sale are very private and offer a very quiet environment, for those who’re looking to invest in private locations and spend time with Mother Nature. Real estate projects can be found in Contadora, such as Gemini Villas and The Villas at Contadora, which is an elevated ocean view project and Contadora Paradise and Beach Club. You can also find beach houses and lands for sale by their owners too.

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Bocas del Toro

Bocas del Toro is located in the northwest Caribbean side of Panama, was discovered in Christopher Columbus in 1502. It’s becoming in a very attractive location for the free spirits and one of the hottest destinations around the world.

Real estate development is growing in the archipelago, since it’s filled of hundreds of wonderful places that everyone can enjoy. It is a unique place to find yourself. Its lush tropical vegetation, fauna only found in this part of the world, opportunities for diving and snorkeling the unbeatable Caribbean ocean, the possibilities and opportunities for an amazing experience are unbound.

It can be also found beautiful beach houses and land for sale by owners.

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Taboga Island

Isla Taboga (also known as Taboga Island in English) is a small Pacific island that can be reached in approximately 1 hour by boat from Panama City. Reservations are required prior to go to the Islands by ferry. Isla Taboga, at 571 hectares, is the largest island, also known as the ´Island of Flowers”. It is a popular weekend destination for residents of Panama City and foreigners who go to enjoy the slower pace of island life, the flowers, the beaches, and the water sports.

Some real estate developments can be found in Taboga, such as El Cerrito Tropical, a small hotel.  This island offers a huge opportunity to invest in real estate projects.

Available beach houses up in the hills, available lots customized constructions cabanas and bungaloo’s for rental can be find in the island, especially for those looking for own, built or rent beach houses near the Panama city.

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