Setting Up a Business in Panama

setting up business panama

Setting Up or Acquiring a Business in Panama

If you are an expat or a foreign company and you are seeking to establish or acquire a business in Panama, there are several factors to take seriously under consideration. It is totally different to start a business than to acquire a business.

Setting up a business usually will involve the following –

    1. Get Business Assistance
    2. Choosing  the Legal Structure of your Business
    3. Register a Business Name (“Doing Business As”). Trademarks issues.
    4. Select a Lawyer, an Accountant and Administrative personnel.
    5. Obtain Business Licenses and Permits
    6. Finance Your Business
    7. Find an office or location
    8. Get Started


While acquiring a business is more complex and  will require the following –

    1. Identify Your Interests
    2. List Conditions for Your Business
    3. Quantify Your Investment
    4. Advantages to Choosing an Existing Business
    5. Disadvantages to Choosing an Existing Business
    6. Doing Due Diligence
    7. Obtain all Licenses and Permits
    8. Zoning Requirements
    9. Environmental Concerns
    10. Determining the Value of a Business
    11. Doing Research for Purchasing a Business
    12. Letter of Intent
    13. Confidentiality Agreement
    14. Contracts and Leases
    15. Financial Statements
    16. Professional Help
    17. Sales Agreement for Buying a Business
    18. Checklist for Closing On a Business

Whichever your interest the BusinessPanama Group provides a convenient One Stop Shop offering you the following services:

    • Setting up or acquiring the business
    • Incorporation of companies, LLCs, trusts and foundations
    • Real estate brokerage to locate office and living premises for the company and its executives
    • Legal services for setting up all operations, contracts, permits, etc.
    • Accessing special tax incentives for projects
    • Fiduciary management and administration of companies, trusts and foundations
    • Banking & trading accounts
    • Setting up of investment funds, private placements, partnerships
    • Multi-family office services
    • Wealth management services 
    • Applying for visas, work and residence permits for expats
    • Relocation services
    • Others

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