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Panama is the land bridge between two continents and divides two oceans, making it a crossroads of the world. Each year hundreds of cruise ships transit a modern wonder of the world, the Panama Canal. International Airlines serving Panama include not only those from North and South America but also from Spain, Russia, Taiwan and Israel. The following cities in the USA are currently the main connection points for flights to and from Panama: Miami, Orlando, Houston, Newark, New York, Washington DC, Dallas, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Panama’s International Airport is the Tocumen International Airport, approximately 35 Kilometers from downtown Panama City. The airport has an easy access to the city by constructed highway with toll booths. One way toll from Tocumen to the city is approximately 3.00 US dollars.


There are also other newly created or renewed airports that are destined to become international airports, such as the Ernique A. Jimenez International Airport in the province of Colon, Scarlett Martinez International Airport in the province of Cocle, Howard International Airport in the province of West Panama and the Enrique Malek international airport in the province of Chiriqui.

Below you can see the list of foreign airlines which provide service in Panama.

    • American Airlines
    • Delta Airlines
    • Aires
    • Avianca
    • Taca Group
    • Boa
    • Condor
    • Iberia
    • Continental Airlines
    • KLM
    • Copa Airlines Colombia (before Aero República)
    • LACSA (Lineas Aéreas Costarricenses S.A)
    • Mexicana de Aviación, S. A.
    • Rapsa Venezolana
    • Spirit Airlines
    • United Airlines
    • Air Canada, among others.

Panama’s national airline Copa Air flies to major cities in South America and cities in the USA in alliance with Continental Airlines. Land crossings are also possible from Costa Rica with border points at Paso Canoas, Sixaola/Guabito and Rio Sereno. However, there are no roads linking Panama and Colombia. Panama City is approximately 5000 km by road from the nearest US city Brownsville, Texas.

However, the costs of insurance, fuel, permits, accommodations etc. usually amount to more than the cost of an airline ticket, so most visitors choose to fly and rent a car upon arrival in Panama. Panama has no railway connections with other countries, but there a train connecting cities of Colon and Panama. As from May 2012 the city of Colon in Panama and the city of Cartagena in Colombia has a ferry connection three times per week.

The ferry is becoming popular mean of transportation for over-landers and other tourists, as before Colombia was only reachable by air due to the thick and wild forests of Darien Gap. There are also charter flight services available, travelling from Canada and Italy, to some areas inside the Republic. Check with your travel agent or adviser.

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