Panamanian entrepreneurs expel Odebrecht
Posted on 2017-03-27

Panamanian entrepreneurs expel Odebrecht

The Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama expelled this afternoon the company Constructora Norberto Odebrecht, S.A., as a member of the guild.

According to the guild, the expulsion was motivated by the confession of part that revealed the massive payment of fines of the Brazilian company to officials from more than 12 countries, including Panama.

“The compliance with the laws and compliance with ethical and moral principles are convictions of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama, on which our organization was built. Any breach of these values ​​is grounds for expulsion, “said Jorge Garcia Icaza, president of the CCIAP.

It should be recalled that a few days ago, the Government of Panama took measures to stop the Odebrecht Group from prequalifying the bidding process for the design and construction of the 4th bridge over the Panama Canal and Metro Line 3.

They also indicated that they decided to take the necessary actions to prohibit the Odebrecht Group from awarding and endorsing any future contracts for public bidding processes until such time as cooperation in the investigations is demonstrated and the sums to be restored are returned to the State. The contract for the development of the contract for the construction of the hydroelectric plant Chanquinola II was canceled.

Source: ANPanama