Panama Wins Best Destination Award at Newsweek's Future of Travel Awards 2021

Posted on 2021-10-01

Panama won the award as the best destination country in the Future of Travel awards, awarded by Newsweek magazine. This distinction was highlighted yesterday by the Panama Tourism Authority and the country’s tourism sector.
Panama beat 3 other finalists: Bhutan, Rwanda and Slovenia. Meanwhile, the other category of destination (city) was won by Bogotá, Colombia.
The Future of Travel Awards honor visionaries of world tourism, destinations, tour operators, airlines and cruise lines, as well as journalists and bloggers.
“Newsweek’s Future of Travel Awards highlight those who are creating a travel industry for the future, one that is more adaptable, sustainable, responsible, innovative and inclusive,” notes Newsweek. “The COVID-19 crisis has had a detrimental impact on the tourism industry, but it is also providing an opportunity for the travel industry to rethink and reimagine the effect it could have on the world. That is why we recognize businesses and the people who are rebuilding a travel industry for a brighter, more resilient future. “
On Panama, the co-founder of the Future of Tourism Awards, Paula Vlamings, said: “Panama has beautiful green spaces, amazing islands and incredible indigenous cultures, but only in the last few years has it prioritized sustainability – social and environmental. As the destination reinvents itself, breaking new ground to explore its rich natural and cultural heritage, the impact on the way travelers experience the country could be profound, and much more beneficial to local communities. “