Panama, an unforgettable experience

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Panama is a paradise where hundreds of activities and fun ways to meet, and both know tourist spots.

Yachting is one of the favorite attractions of Panamanians and foreigners.

The routes are from the Bay of Panama to Taboga, Contadora, Chapera, Isla del Rey, San Telmo, among other interesting places.

Everything depends on the budget and available to interested parties.

The boats are spacious and ideal for parties on board and enjoy a journey through the seas of Panama.

The range from 3 hours to 8 hours depending on the cost and the package you get.

They range from about $ 500 on up above $ 1,000.

Rent a yacht is a fashion in the country, but there are also companies that are in charge of service “all inclusive” for comfort.

Most of the islands are visited are virgins, a detail that makes the visit more interesting, because you can enjoy the splendor of nature and the sea breeze.

This attraction definitely breaks the routine and are ideal for a pleasant evening either with friends or family.

An ideal experience for those looking for complete relaxation and tranquility sensations at sea.

Navigating a combination of different elements that will make a trip unforgettable, accompanied by a glass of wine, good food and good music to relax is received.

3 hours is the minimum time they rent a yacht in Panama, either for parties or family or friends walks. This rental includes the pilot of the ship, responsible travel.


Source: Panama America