The third line of the Metro will have a Korean seal.

Posted on 2020-02-05

After two months of intense legal press and the rejection of the latest claims, the Panama Metro yesterday awarded the construction of Line 3 to the HPH Joint Venture consortium, composed of the Korean Hyundai Engineering & Construction and Posco E&C.

The mega-work will be able to serve approximately 180 thousand passengers daily of the 500 thousand people that are transported per day from Panama West, to the city of Panama, mostly to fulfill labor commitments.

The model and technology of line 3 of the Panama Metro will be different from the operating system with which the first and second lines work. It will be a monorail 25 kilometers long.

“It is a technology designed based on the slopes and radios to be considered towards the west area,” explained the general director of the Panama Metro, Héctor Ortega.

The system will travel 14 stations in 45 minutes, from Albrook, in Panama, to Ciudad del Futuro, in Arraiján; and initially mobilize about 180 thousand people a day, while during peak hours it will have the capacity to move 20 thousand people.

Regarding the final design model, Ortega said that the work was tendered to cross the Panama Canal through the fourth bridge, “so it has been awarded and so we will proceed to start the work more quickly.”

However, the formality of the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) is needed on what will be done with the design of the bridge to make that decision. It has been evaluated as an alternative to alleviate the fourth bridge, he said. By removing the third line of the fourth bridge, the size and weight of the structure will be reduced.

“We have worked together with Japanese companies that have accompanied us in the technical part of the tender, with project management, and with the Japanese Agency for International Cooperation (JICA), in different alternatives to cross the Panama Canal,” he said .

Source: La Prensa.