More European tourists are coming to Panama

More European tourists are coming to Panama

From January to May 2017 a total of 102,388 passengers from Europe came to Panama using as the point of entrance the Tocumen International Airport. This is an increase of 25.4% in comparison with the same period in 2016.

The European airlines responsible for the increase of travelers for this period in 2017 are: Iberia, with a total of 30,677 passengers, and Lufthansa, with 21,715 passengers.

They are followed by Air France with 24,311 travelers and Turkish Airlines with 3,202 passengers.

Panama is recognized as the Hub of the Americas, connecting the country to European key destinations like Spain, Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands, 

where tourists try to get in contact with nature and the indigenous culture.

The Panama Tourism Authority has a promotion agreement with Lufthansa in order to increase the air traffic volume between Europe and Panama; and at the same time motivate German travelers to choose the isthmus as their destination for their holidays and to do business.

The international promotional campaign in places like Spain has been key to sell the attractions that Panama has to offer. Recent surveys in Google revealed that searches about the Isthmus as a destination has increased significantly over the last six months.

The majority of tourists are interested in its historical sites, the beautiful islands, gastronomy, ecotourism and culture.


Source: The Visitor