Lonely Planet chooses Panama among the 10 best countries to visit in 2019

Posted on 2018-10-24

For the adventurers who are planning their next trip and still have not decided, Panama is among the 10 best countries recommended to visit in 2019, as published in its new edition of the Lonely Planet travel guide on the ten countries that begin to awaken the imagination of travelers.

In its ranking “Best in Travel 2019: the 10 best countries”, Lonely Planet chooses Panama as the fourth best country to visit and shows a brief review of its benefits with a photograph of colorful coral reefs in Bocas del Toro and its location exact on a map of the region.

The first on the list is Sri Lanka, followed by Germany, Zimbabwe, Panama, Kyrgyzstan, Jordan, Indonesia, Belarus, Sao Tome and Principe and Belize.

Gustavo Him, Minister of Tourism of Panama, expressed his great satisfaction with this important election of Panama among the best countries to travel.

“This is part of the work that has been done internationally with the advertising campaign in the United States, Canada, Spain and now China, especially in digital media, which has placed us in the showcase to expose the tourist products of Panama. Our market strategy “Not Only for Tourists”, aimed at those travelers who seek to live unique experiences, is paying off, “he said.

“Welcome to the crossing of the Americas”, he begins by saying about Panama the influential publication for travelers, which describes that here North and South join in a tropical biodiversity celebration celebrated in the famous Biomuseo. “East and West converge in expanding global trade with the world’s largest cargo ships crossing the newly renovated Panama Canal,” he adds.

The guide also highlights that “Dear Panama” has so many treasures in a small country, such as white sand beaches, tropical forests, misty highlands and indigenous culture. “It’s surprising that somehow it’s still under the radar,” he says.

In addition, it highlights that in 2019 Panama City is committed to celebrate “as never before” its 500 years of history with a “strident” jubilee that you do not want to miss. Viva Panama !, ends.

Followed by the review, the article “Finding the flora and fauna of Panama” is included; Place Panama City “, and List of Things to do in Panama.

In addition to the ranking of the best countries to visit, Lonely Planet also selects the ten best cities, regions and quality-price destinations each year.

Lonely Planet started as a travel guide around the world. Today it is one of the largest publishers of travel guides in the world with nearly 600 titles published and 120 million books printed in 11 languages. It also has a television space, website and two mobile applications.

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