French and Panamanian businessmen strengthen commercial relations

Posted on 2018-05-02

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Commercial relations between Panamanian and French businessmen have been strengthened in recent years to promote investment between both countries

The Franco-Panamanian Chamber of Commerce (CCFP), celebrates its two years of permanence in Panama, with which it has been possible to support commercial and business ties, mainly by following up on the executions of the French companies that have been established in Panama and have invested in the country

Among the objectives that have been proposed for this year the camera is to favor the access of French companies installed or planning to settle in Panama, assist them in projecting and developing their activities in France or Panama, create synergies among them, organize activities to facilitate the exchange of information and generate opportunities, as well as sharing business information, while facilitating and developing relationships among its members

Juan Guy Canavaggio, president of the CCFP, stressed that one of the main missions of this organization is based on promoting, encouraging and providing active assistance to trade and investment relations between citizens of the Republic of Panama and the Republic of France

“For the camera it is very important to highlight the genuine interest of its members to promote mutual understanding and friendship ties between both nations (France and Panama), since we have the investment of many French companies that have decided to invest in Panama” highlighted Canavaggi

The Chamber of Commerce of Franco-Panameña was founded since the beginning of 2016, has more than 60 companies, both Panamanian and French, active and belonging to the main economic activities of the country and all cooperate with each other to offer their products, services and knowledge for the benefit of both market During 2018 it is intended to carry out a very dynamic agenda of topics that generate “Networking” for members, thus exchanging ideas and knowledge to explore mutual interests and business opportunities, so that on April 12 the annual business meeting will be held of the CCFP and to which they expect the participation of representatives of the various companies, members as non-members, with the aim of knowing the business potential that exists in this important business organization, incorporated in Panama.

Source: AN Panama