Colombian businessmen interested in the logistical hub of Panama

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In the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Panama, Panamanian and Colombian businessmen met to look at investment opportunities.

The Minister of Commerce and Industries highlighted Panama’s interest in strengthening trade relations with Colombia and exploring new investment opportunities for Colombian entrepreneurs, taking advantage of the logistical hub that our country offers. During his participation in the Panama-Colombia Entrepreneurial Encounter 2017, organized by the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP) and the Colombian-Panamanian Chamber of Commerce and Industries, he indicated that currently the investment from Colombia is one of the Most important in sectors such as banking, industry and energy that have the potential to expand and that there are many opportunities for the incursion with more force in other sectors.

 “Panama offers a logistics services hub and the platform of the Colon Free Zone so that Colombian businessmen can redistribute their goods to the entire region,” he said.

Sustained economic growth, geographic position, port infrastructure, air hub, expanded channel, robust banking system, transparency and investment incentive laws are some of Panama’s competitive advantages, he said. Arosemena recalled that Colombia is one of the main trading partners of Panama, so relations between the two countries are very important, also because we have a common border and we work together diplomatic and security issues.

The president of the Chamber of Commerce, said that “business opportunities in Panama are numerous, the country is consolidated as a logistics center, is based on the effectiveness of its important sea, air and land routes around the Canal de Panama, projects us as the most effective and important multimodal center in the Americas. The event is a joint action between the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama, Colombo – Panamanian Chamber, Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, Chamber of Commerce of Manizales, Chamber of Commerce of Barranquilla, Cali Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Commerce. Commerce of Cartagena.

The sectors that represent these companies are the design and construction of hydraulic works such as aqueducts, manufacturers and exporters of pre-Columbian jewelry exporters of dried and processed fruits, furniture marketing, PVC finishing, energy, glass and aluminum manufacturers, book printing, School catering and catering in general, distribution of technological equipment, orthopedic products, wastewater treatment, metrology services, consulting housing projects, industrial and maquila services, chemical products, pharmaceuticals for personal and household care, business uniforms, equipment , Social security, dental services and vehicle manufacturers.

Source: ANPanama