Circuit of the Coffee new tourist offer of Boquete

Posted on 2019-01-15

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The Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP), in partnership with the Ministry of Environment (MiAmbiente), the Chambers of Tourism of Chiriquí, the Competitiveness Center of the Western Region and the Center for Competitiveness of the Western Region – CeComRo, on behalf of the business sector, inaugurated the Coffee Circuit, made up of 18 farms, located in the districts of Boquete, Tierras Altas and Renacimiento, in the province of Chiriquí.

The launch was carried out at the facilities of the Center for Tourist Facilities (CEFATI) of Boquete, where in May 2017 the ATP inaugurated the first Coffee Exploration Center, the starting point of the Coffee Circuit, where visitors can get to know the history of this product and its varieties, also the place highlights the work of coffee farmers in the region.

The administrator of the ATP, Gustavo Him, said that the Coffee Circuit aims to diversify the tourist offer in the districts of Boquete, Tierras Altas and Renacimiento. The national and foreign tourists will have the opportunity to witness the whole process of sowing, harvesting and packaging until they taste a cup of coffee and interact with the farmer who does this work. 

The exquisite coffee grown in the province of Chiriqui has achieved the first positions in the latest auctions and tastings internationally, due to its quality, flavors and aroma, such as Geisha coffee, which is grown in Volcan and Boquete.

Him explained that this launch seeks to integrate the activities that can be developed around the Coffee Circuit, which would be the main attraction complemented with gastronomy, nature, adventure, culture, among others.

The Coffee Circuit, which has the backing of private companies and government institutions, according to Him also aims to increase the stay of visitors in these tourist destinations and take advantage of the proximity of the Gulf of Chiriqui, in order to complement an experience of mountains and Beaches.

Dr. María Ruíz, on behalf of the coffee growers, pointed out that the circuit is a milestone written in the production of coffee and that now the producers face a challenge which they will face, because it will be a way of showing the world the quality of Panamanian coffee.

He recalled that in 1895 grain began to be planted in Boquete, 1911 coffee was already produced and in 1917 the quality of the product was recognized, due to the exports that were already made internationally.

“The production of coffee in Boquete has been the mainstay of the economy in this district and this launch has been the result of a joint effort,” said the mayor of Boquete district, Emigdio Walker Vásquez.

While the Minister of MIAMBIENTE, Emilio Sempris, stressed that the circuit is a product of global brand, a historical debt, which now corresponds to position for international tourists when they want to drink coffee think about Chiriqui.

The 18 farms of the Coffee Circuit are the following: Harman, Grupo Eleta, Apre and Cándela, in the district of Renacimiento; Janson, Ceriana, Carmen State, Nueva Suiza, Lara brothers and Bambito Estate, in the Tierras Altas district; Boquete Tree Trek, Kotowa, Lerida, Elida, Princess Janca, Café Ruíz, La Milagrosa, Don Pepe and Hacienda Mamecillo, in the district of Boquete. 

This circuit offers activities to enjoy with the family such as: boating, exotic bird watching, horseback riding, hiking, ecotourism, interaction with farm animals, canopy and rapelling. To this the botanical and butterfly gardens are added.

According to the administrator of the ATP, the 18 farms underwent an evaluation process carried out by technicians of the institution, to verify if they complied with the facilities and qualified personnel to attend the visitors.

The ATP collaborated with different training activities directed to the personnel that work in these farms as: tourist culture, digital marketing, courses of guides of site, first aid, in addition meetings have been realized with operators of tourism, so that they promote this new product in your packages. To date, three operators in the province of Chiriqui are already marketing the Coffee Circuit: Boquete Tree Trek, Authentic Travel and Cloudforest Travel Panama. Also, a group of hoteliers from the province have joined this initiative offering promotional rates.

Boquete, Highlands and Renaissance are scenarios, where you can develop a number of activities, “so we seek that the Coffee Circuit is an excuse for the adventurer not to stay in one destination but have other options in the province said Him.

A trailer for the documentary “Geisha, a story of Height”, was presented during the launch of this new tourist product, which shows panoramas of coffee farms, sowing process, cultivation, preparation and tasting.

Recently, information centers were installed in Boquete, Volcán, where information is provided to the visitor about the tourist sites of the Chiriqui region, including the Coffee Circuit.

Source ANPanama