Panama listed upcoming global city

Posted on 2017-06-13

Panama will further growth in 20171

Panama has  been listed as one of  seven cities that are seen as having huge potential to become one of the world’s  next global cities, lined up with, London, New York, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.  

UK based “Market Inspector” describes Global cities as engines of world’s economies. They attract companies and investors from all over due to their abundant opportunities and ever-developing environments. Modern metropolitan cities are home to the headquarters of major global corporations, leading universities, countless startups, and often the most talented individuals. They are melting pots of cultures and ideas, attracting millions of people by the promise of a better future.

Some of the leaders among global cities are currently cities such as New York, Hong Kong, London, or Tokyo. These gigantic Meccas have been the frontrunners in the top global cities rankings for decades. They do have a lot to offer, however, making it to the top in these saturated markets is no small feat. That is where the new candidates for the next global cities come into the picture.

The new, upcoming cities of emerging economies, possibly the next global cities of the future. Large, young, and dynamic markets, buzzing with fresh and innovative ideas. Shenzhen, the Chinese giant that went from a fishing village to a metropolitan “overnight”, and is today responsible for the production of 90% of world’s electronics. Bangalore in India, with 212 software companies and a vast highly-educated and skilled talent pool.

Source: Newsroom Panama