Businessmen from Colon Free Zone seek to duplicate business

Posted on 2019-02-14

The businessmen of the Colon Free Zone implement different actions to return the commercial dynamism to the free zone. As part of this initiative they held a meeting with the administration of the commercial emporium, the Financial Analysis Unit (UAF), the Intendancy of Supervision and Regulation of Non-Financial Subjects, attached to the Ministry of Economy Finance (MEF), to achieve greater understanding of the new regulations that govern trade.

“The Association of Users of the Colon Free Zone (AUZLC) serves as a facilitator for this awareness campaign aimed at employers, in order to update them and prevent cases of illicit business in the free area, said Daniel Rojas, president of the guild.

The AUZLC, the Intendancy of the Non-Financial Subjects and the MEF will sign an agreement of understanding, with the objective of training in matters of regulations to employers. At the commercial level, different actions are also being generated. The business sector is modernizing its operation system and logistics processes, while looking for new business partners. “We are not already hopeful to Venezuela or Colombia. We are focusing on clients from other countries in South America, which arrive in Panama and receive a quality service, “said Rojas. Rojas assures that the approach with different governmental entities and with the administration of the ZLC has been positive, because it is evident that the officials are interested in returning the vitality to this special zone. However, it reiterates the need to unify criteria in order to avoid strikes and any other type of delay that regularly generates the diversion of cargo to Cartagena or Costa Rica. All the actions undertaken by the businessmen of the CFZ are aimed at consolidating the logistics hub of the Americas in the province of Colon. Rojas estimates that by 2019, commercial activity could double, permeating the country’s economy as it did a few years ago.

Between January and November of 2017 the commercial movement reached 17,931 million 811 thousand dollars and during the same period of 2018 the figure was increased to 19,265 million 314 thousand dollars, that is to say 1,333 million additional 503 thousand dollars, according to the Comptroller General of the Republic.


Source ANPanama