Amador Convention Center will be ready end of the year

Posted on 2018-04-04

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The authority of tourism of Panama (ATP) and the CCA-COCIGE, S.A. Consortium updated to representatives of the local tourism guilds on the development of works from the center of conventions Amador (CCA), which has a 68%. Prior to a tour of the project, Manager of tourism, Gustavo Him, officially presented to the American company SMG as responsible for the operation, maintenance and marketing of this Centre, which is built at a cost of 193.7 million dollars.

Him indicated that this company, which will have a contract for five years, has extensive experience managing 77 worldwide convention centers and that already is working with the entity in the marketing strategy to mainly have events international and which “Panama enjoy bonanza that will bring tourism congresses to the country”. According to Him, the CCA “is the hope of the tourism of the city’s business, what is waiting for the sector”, and will be ready by the end of 2018.

Rodolfo De el Valle, representative of SMG, said that the company has 40 years of experience in the market and operates more than 250 buildings between stadiums, arenas and exhibition centers, among the largest in the United States including McCormick Place and Moscone Center. In accordance with the Valley, the goal for the first year of operation is to bring an average of 100 distributed events in corporate conferences, consumer events, banquets, meetings, among others, generating an economic impact of 18.2 million dollars.

He pointed out that markets the goal they will be United States, Mexico and Europe and which are directed to organizers of events, buyers and potential customers from much experience tend to compare the markets before you buy. Del Valle, who emphasized that a Convention Center is a city icon, explained the strategy of destination that will do to market the new exhibition and promote the attraction of international events. This includes publications in specialized media, organization of fam trips, a sales agent in the United States, working with the ATP, hoteliers and airlines, contribution of capital of 500 thousand for the development of a BMD and membership in associations related to the industry.

“We have been joining efforts to professionalize the industry, so we need to build what we call the Alliance Panama and make team with all members of the value chain”, said. For his part, Antonio Alfaro, President of CAMTUR, said that the guilds have much hope in the work because it has the advance and this Centre will offer not only benefit for hoteliers, but all the tourism industry.

“The Centre is an element which needed the country and the industry, and which will make a big difference; “will be a before and an after in the hotel occupancy of Panama”, said Alfaro. Meanwhile, Armando Rodríguez, President of the Panamanian Association of hotels (APATEL), pointed out that the Convention Center is the largest hotels in the city because it is really what will bring a great flow of visitors and will improve the occupation Hotel. “We are pleased to hear from the parties the real progress of the construction and should recognize the drive and commitment that the Minister has given to make this a reality,” said Rodriguez.

During the presentation of the characteristics of the project, the work engineers explained that now conclude the structural work and are in the final stages of the cover (roof) of the building, in the middle of the installation of the wall curtain (ventanearías) and at the beginning of the installation of exterior fascias.

Also, confirmed the installation of escalators and large part of the system against fire in buildings of banquets and exhibitions. In addition, working in the trenches of the lifts – which are already on site – and the air conditioning ducts, while the handling units and cooling unit are already in its final location.

“The design of the work adapts to the needs of today’s market and its opening seeks to promote tourism of congresses and conventions in the country to attract residential occupation sector,” said Him.

The CCA has a total area of closed construction of 58 thousand m2, of which approximately 30 thousand m2 are salable to various types of events areas. The new Centre will have capacity for more than 20 thousand people and will have a main hall for fairs and exhibitions of 15,000 m2, an area of banquets of 4,000 m2, meeting rooms of 2,300 m2, Grand central lobby, pre-function with 12,000 m2 and p parking areas ARA more than 1,700 vehicles, additional distribution of an area with capacity for 20 buses.The Consortium CCA – COCIGE, S.A., consisting of international companies, the national General civil constructions, S.A., and China State Construction Engineering Corporation LTD, CCA Building Panamá resumed construction work in February 2016.

Source: AN Panama