10 thousand German tourists will arrive on a cruise to Colón

Posted on 2019-02-13

The Panama Canal has become one of the main attractions offered by cruise lines within its itinerary.

More than 10 thousand German tourists will be arriving at the Colón 2000 port in February and will do so on two different cruise ships. The shipping companies Tui Cruises and Aida Cruises will dock, twice each, in the province of Colon, so that their clients know the Panamanian attractions, including the Panama Canal.

The Cruise Mein Schiff of Tui Cruises sails from Montego Bay, Jamaica, and makes a tour of the Caribbean with 2,534 people, while the Aida shipping company with the Aida Diva boat and its 2,500 cruise passengers begin their journey from the port of La Romana, Republic Dominican By February, the Colón 2000 terminal has scheduled the arrival of 24 cruise ships; in March, 26 will arrive, and 14 will arrive in April.

In total, in the 2018-2019 season that began last September, 171 vessels must arrive to Panamanian ports.

It is estimated that each cruise passenger spends an average of $ 250, while each crew member consumes $ 80.

Source La Prensa